The Most Accurate Poll in 2004 Now States:


Investor’s Business Daily WAS the most accurate poll during the 2004 Election.  This is the poll, (and the AOL Straw Poll), that I have been watching for WEEKS.  This poll is the reason that I have been telling other Pumas for at least a week that I am convinced John McCain is going to win this election and everybody better get ready for Really.Incredibly.Stupid.Maneuvers from the Borg Collection – i.e. more violence.

Here is the IBD Tracking Poll for today, go here to check out the rest of the polling.

November 2, 2008

Day 21: IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll

The race tightened again Sunday as independents who’d been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

By Logistics Monster


  • ms mississippi -

    Obama has 73% of the no religion vote and 62% of the anti-flag vote. No surprise there.

    To me, the gender numbers are the most insightful, since everybody falls into one of those categories. McCain is polling 54% among men to Obama’s 40%. McCain’s more conservative 54% are more reliable and much more likely to go to the polls than Obama’s 40%. Plus, the 6% of undecided men should break heavily for McCain.

    Among women voters, McCain has 37%, all of whom will go to the polls plus he has a good shot to capture most if not all of the 11% undecided (likely PUMA’s). Obama is polling 52% of women. A closer look shows these women are mostly young, single, working class. Some won’t make it to the polls for various reasons.

    Looks good for a McCain victory to me!

  • Thanks so much for your website!! You all keep us grounded and hopeful..not much else we come in contact with in terms of media does that. You are much more realistic than anyone else.

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