Month: November 2008

Upgrades and Technical Difficulties

Aloha all... After doing a check, I am finding that my site is looking and acting weird.  I just upgraded again and obviously it is not working properly. Please excuse the mess as I track down the source of the problem.... Many Mahalos, Diamond UPDATE:  If you are running Internet Explorer, you are probably not seeing my site the way it was intended to be viewed - hang in there....I am working the problem.  Mahalo! P.S. If you haven't upgraded your browser to Opera or Firefox - now might be a good time as they are both faster and safer…
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Ammunition Coding: A New Attack On The Second Amendment

(Author's Note: Bloggers, please feel free to repost this information) You would think that the loony liberal left that is soooooooooo highly educated would have taken a American History class covering such things as the Constitution and Prohibition; but I guess not.  Allow me to refresh everyone's memory.... The 2nd Amendment: Bill of Rights: Amendment II A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I do not, nor have I ever owned a gun, but I have watched as gun sales…
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The Race For The Truth Continues: Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate Mystery

I found the link to this article over at That's Me On The Left , and am shamelessly reprinting it, and I'm sure American Thinker will get back to me if there is a problem.  Make sure to bookmark That's Me and check in every single day.  Susan seems to find everything! Does this Barack Obama birth certificate issue bug you because, although improbable, it's possible that he's not a natural born citizen, isn't eligible to be President under the Constitution, and this issue could be bigger than Watergate -- or any other "gate" in history? Are you afraid that…
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May The Best Search Engine Emerge, OR Let The Free Market Decide

This morning The Patriot Room linked into my site because I posted an article on RCP earlier in the week and Clyde of My Aisling tried to "also post" this same article, and it has since been taken down.  Here is a tidbit from Bill's article concerning Google, Atlas Shrugs, and my article on RCP and then I will get on with what this post is really about.  Liberal Left corporations that backed The One are trying to shut down the middle and right.  It is time to use the Free Market to send a message to corporations that do…
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