In for a penny, in for a pound.  Every heard that expression?  I think people, in general, judge others by the company they keep.  I know I do.  I mix with like minded and like actioned people.  I believe that most Americans do also.  So when we continue to hear about downright dangerous associations tied to a Presidential Candidate, what are we expected to think and how are we expected to vote?  Shall we throw out the rule that we, in large part live by, just because the Media and the Pundits tell us that it is no big deal?

“Not Freakin’ Likely”, or something quite a bit stronger, is what most of us are saying in our homes while we try not to throw whatever happens to be at hand at the television.

Now, after all the proven radical, racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, socialist, communist, and marxist associates that have been uncovered, we have the liberal, Barack Obama endorsing, LA Times protecting Barack Obama with the withholding of the Rashid Khalidi video tape featuring Obama toasting the former member of the PLO.  I want to know how a former member of the PLO is even allowed access to our country.  How do people with this kind of background get across the border and become Columbia University Professors.  (I know, the Monster will do the research and get back to you.)

For all those undecided American voters, (who I personally think are voting McCain and not saying they are because they do not want to be labelled as racists like the rest of us), here is the newest Drinkingwithbob video.  After watching that….check out the closing paragraphs.

Back to “In For A Penny”….

John McCain and Sarah Palin; and before The Borg Collective starts screaming “The Keating Five” and “Troopergate”, SHUT UP!  Both of these fine individuals were found NOT GUILTY!  Last time I checked, our courts were still functioning in a democracy, not a third world dictatorship….of course, after the whole debacle in Ohio, that may be changing.

John McCain and Sarah Palin do not associate with radical extremists who spew anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric, and who do not belong to terrorist organizations or blow up buildings and kill American citizens.  McCain and Palin do not sit in churchs listening to “kill the blacks”; they don’t – we know that.  Barack and Michelle did, AND they took their children to TUCC.

We also know that John McCain and Sarah Palin are both mavericks that buck the corrupt system and take care of their constituents.  I am so not having a problem voting for this ticket.  I like the company they keep!  I am honored to be voting for a former prisoner of war that has fought for his country and then fought his party and also tried to bring reform to Fannie and Freddie.

I am proud to vote for the Governor of Alaska that has shown through actions that she knows more about energy and helping to make American energy independent than the whole Congress put together.  A $40 Billion Dollar Natural Gas Pipeline to supply the “lower 48” coming to YOU from the Alaska Governor.  What HAS Washington DC done for you lately?  Did they not take $700 Billion of your money to bailout Wall Street?  Was that Bailout Bill not spearheaded by Barack’s own Progressive Socialist Party currently known as Pelosi and the Gang?

I am honored to vote for a ticket that has shown what will be necessary to ensure our economy thrives, and our country gets back on the right track after 8 years of someone who really, really, reminds me of Barack Obama.  I am also privileged to vote for a ticket that respects women by placing them in positions of great power and responsibility; and making sure their compensation is greater than the standard amount.  I have yet to see Barack Obama hire or pay women appropriately.

And for those of you that still think John McCain does not know anything about the economy or Governor Palin is not qualified to be Vice-President; just remember those messages are coming to you from the same people that are saying that Reverend Wright is a non-issue and that Barack’s associates are of no concern.   Move along….nothing to see here….

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