The second biggest question after “who do you think is going to win the presidential election?” is “What are you doing Wednesday night?”  This question is in reference to The Borg Collective’s own Prince giving his first fake inaugural/stateoftheunion speech on Wednesday night.  My understanding is that his inaugural address is already written.  Nice guy, that.  Does not even wait for us to vote.  All Obama, All The Time.  Has anyone told His Excellency that Americans adamantly dislike arrogant Bush-types?

The Prince has spent some of the $155 Million he just raked in, (from God knows where), to buy a 1/2 hour block of time on all the stations to further his marketed image of being calm, cool, collected and Presidential.  Too bad for the Prince, we know who he really is.  I have heard quite a few responses to that question; none of them saying that their TV is going to be turned to any of those stations.  My readers know what I will be doing; researching Nancy and her gang of corrupt dems.

So given that information – everybody that is joining the conversation – it’s okay to turn your TV off, watch a DVD, read a book, take your dog for a walk, spend time with your families, or better yet, go to the link below and sign up at Wake Up America and get involved!  Gumby ain’t selling anything we are buying!!!  This is the way to tell the corrupt, biased MSM that you have officially sent their sorry, koolaid drinking, boot-licking backsides out into the snowbank.


October 28, 2008



This week Barack Obama’s mysterious backers will support a media misinformation blitz to outdo all that even they have concocted before.  Along with the Dish Network Station, which they have purchased for purposes of streaming propaganda day and night on the air waves, the Obama campaign is now planning to buy out all available network prime-time air time on Wednesday, October 28.  This includes back to back ads on all major networks as well as The One’s full length featured special to run concurrently.

It is up to sane citizens to demonstrate to Obama and his MSM cronies that We Own Our Vote – and show what we think of this manipulative tyrannical take-over of the public airwaves!  Voters of all persuasions have cause for concern when elections come down to which candidate sponsors the most media buys.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE and encourage all your friends, family and supporters of TRUTH and FREEDOM in our democracy to do the same:


From 8- 8:30 PM on Wednesday, October 29th

The purpose of this temporary boycott is to send a message to the MSM that we, the viewers, own what we think and how we vote.  We do not believe the US Presidency is a commodity to be bought and sold.  The media watches us to see what we are watching.  This Wednesday night – for this one-half hour, show them- and their sponsors – we are not watching!

This collective action, initiated by the Wake Up America movement is a first step to Media REFORM.

All Americans who prefer to think through their own choice and make up their own minds about the right direction for our nation are invited and encouraged to participate.

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