Last Friday, October 24th, I wrote a piece called Americans: Ignore the Polls.  Here’s a small piece of that to refresh and introduce:

Earlier today, I thought it was time to write this post about ignoring the polls and not letting the Borg Collective get you down with their second wave of voter suppression tactics.  I spoke with a couple of friends that are in the thick of the fight and are getting worn down by “All Obama, All The Time”.   This evening, lo and behold, the collective unconscious is operating at light speed.  American Thinker has just posted an excellent article about this very subject, and I could not have done a better job if I tried.  I have shameless reprinted the article.  I am sure American Thinker will get back to me if there is a problem.

Now today, we have a new video showing the internal polls in PA are still really close even though the external national polls show Obama ahead by 10pts.  The only reason that Team Obama has descended on Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida is because the numbers are quite a bit closer than the polls are showing.  I wonder how many people are saying they will vote Obama and won’t, and I wonder how many former HRC supporters aren’t even getting polling calls?

here is another one about polling irregularities…

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