Day: October 28, 2008

Wednesday Night Blackout Of The Borg Prince

The second biggest question after "who do you think is going to win the presidential election?" is "What are you doing Wednesday night?"  This question is in reference to The Borg Collective's own Prince giving his first fake inaugural/stateoftheunion speech on Wednesday night.  My understanding is that his inaugural address is already written.  Nice guy, that.  Does not even wait for us to vote.  All Obama, All The Time.  Has anyone told His Excellency that Americans adamantly dislike arrogant Bush-types? The Prince has spent some of the $155 Million he just raked in, (from God knows where), to buy a…
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Nancy…The Monster Is Coming For You!

Nancy Pelosi is talking out of a major part of her anatomy again and unfortunately for the American people, her brain is still disconnected from any rational reality.  I have to hand it to John McCain and Sarah Palin for calling Obama/Pelosi/Reid the liberal trifecta which all PUMAs and disaffected Democrats, (that are currently coming to their senses and becoming independents), have realized since Pelosi and her gang installed Barack Obama as the Democratic Nominee.  Strong language?  Look it the work.  He was selected/not elected.  Why don'tcha start on my Follow The Money page if you want to see…
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Americans: Ignore The Polls Redux

Last Friday, October 24th, I wrote a piece called Americans: Ignore the Polls.  Here's a small piece of that to refresh and introduce: Earlier today, I thought it was time to write this post about ignoring the polls and not letting the Borg Collective get you down with their second wave of voter suppression tactics.  I spoke with a couple of friends that are in the thick of the fight and are getting worn down by “All Obama, All The Time”.   This evening, lo and behold, the collective unconscious is operating at light speed.  American Thinker has just posted…
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You People Are Amazing!

I wanted to drop a note to my loyal readership, the Obamanation that has taken the hint and stopped leaving their vile comments, and to the news media crawling over my site (and you know who you are). To the news media: you are allowed to steal any stories you find here only if YOU PROMISE to actually write about it and stop covering for the Obamessiah! To the Borg Collective:  Your candidate is going to lose.  That being said, get over it now!  Rioting in the streets is not going to make it any better and then YOU WILL…
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