Barbara West Pissed Off “The One”

How very un-American of the Obama Camp and just further proof that “The One” may not be questioned about anything.  Yes siree-bob, sign me up for the People’s Republic Of America. Right after you come to take my guns and my religion.

“This Cancellation is Non-Negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election.”  Laura McGinnis, Director of Communications In Central Florida (Team Obama).

Barbara West of a Florida news station, WFTV Channel 9, had the testicular fortitude to starting asking the hard questions that all the media should have been asking since the primaries started way back when.  Her interview of Joe Biden was fair and on the money.  She asked the questions that Americans want answers to, and though this was not a huge story; it has become the next nail in Barack’s campaign coffin because of the Obama camp’s response to WFTV.

This is what we would have been looking at if Obama was elected president, but now it is not gonna happen. I am sure the silent majority is completely over the Truth Squads in Missouri, Blacklisting of Free Speech, Voter Fraud in Ohio…..yada, yada, yada.  Time to go back to Chicago Barack and Mishy.


By Logistics Monster


  • I heard West was ripping McCain a new one yesterday(?) too-
    saying how his campaign was run poorly, etc- can’t find the source- but she is an equal opportunity ripper, both sides.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    West was speaking with O’Reilly…and I do believe that she is right, but this isn’t a beauty contest or high school and Barack Obama is STILL UNQUALIFIED to be president. After what I have learned, you are looking at a candidate that has a well oiled machine because of the people in the shadows standing behind him. I am still wondering where all the money is coming from, beccause it isn’t coming from Americans. We can’t even fill our gas tanks and frigs – 155 Million in one month? Yeah, right – all under $200 donations that do not have to be reported.

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