Obama and Odinga….AGAIN!

I have reposted Jacquerie’s compelling article twice now.   I am sure there were more than a few doubting Thomas’ among the crowd, but I found this video over at Radarsite this morning.  Links to Jac’s great article and another article about Obama’s funding Odinga’s campaign will follow…..

How about one more?

Follow The Money Of Obama and Odinga

Connections: Corsi, Obama, Odinga, Kenya, ODM Candidate

By Logistics Monster


  • After doing a three-part look at Obama and Odinga, I got the very chilling feeling that it was more than just tribal affinity that they held in common. A longer look at Odinga’s background and what has been going on in Kenya did not assuage that feeling. Especially when you start seeing what happened in multiple areas just after Raila Odinga gets a government post in the energy ministry. One can draw their own conclusions from the series of events, of course…

  • my little stand -

    So, I have seen, in the last couple of days, that Obama has been endorsed by Odinga– a socialist, a relative, and a promoter of violence; by Khadafi–a Lybian dictator and terrorist who has always hated America; and Fidel Castro– a Cuban dictator who threatened America with nuclear war. The American people need to look at this.

    So where is the MSM to investigate the situation? Where is NYT, WaPo, LAtimes? Oh, they’re also endorsing Obama, just like our friends Odinga, Khadafi, and Castro.

    Only Barbara West stood up. What guts, God bless her! My fear is she’ll be canned. I hope Puma does not let her voice be silenced or smeared, because the MSM will try.

    See interesting article below:

    But, bottom line, it’s the American people who will decide America’s future. In September, a Rasmussen poll showed that 69% of those polled were not only aware that the MSM were heavily biased to push the candidate of their choice, but that 5 to 1 anchor/reportes were pro Obama. The American people seem to know what’s going on.

    If Obama wins, that means Americans knew they were not getting the whole truth and just didn’t care. And that sends a chill through me.

    If Obama doesn’t win, will Obama’s “Democratic Party” have “demonstrations” like his kinsman, Odinga? That should send a chill through everyone.

    Even the MSM.

  • my little stand -

    The link I sent for my previous post was wrong. (sorry, don’t know how that happened.)

    This should be right. If not, something is fishy. It’s about how the Obama campaign will not let the Democratic candidates now speak to this news station. The news station is being punished.


    Who’s “over-protecting” their candidates now?

    Interesting, huh?

  • B. of AL. -


  • Gale Garsee -

    Rev.Wright is very upset about the RICH WHITE FOLKS that are running this country because of what he said about them so my question is—The Plan that Obama is putting forth about the higher taxes to the ones that make two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or more , is hitting these RICH WHITE FOLKS that run the country ,that Rev. Wright was talking about?If so ,no wonder Wright has not come out and said any more.I would think that Obama would have his blessing’s.Want Wright be happy if Obama gets to be PRESIDENT.Wrights policyies can really be inforced then,thru OBAMA. I would also think that Obama has been talking to Wright all along and is still getting advice from him about it all .The disowning him by Obama was fake and what the people wanted him to do,so thats why he done it.I would think that Wright knew ,that was what Obama was going to do, to save face with the people .It was all made up that way . Even after Wright retired,Obama was still going to go to that Church.The new pastor has the same beliefs as Wright.Moss is his name and he was Wrights Assistance PASTOR. Give me a break .How dumb do they think we the people are?Also Wright is displease with the way Washington is being run so Obama is going to overhaul the whole thing and who knows what will go down.No telling what the laws and Order will be then.Obamas cousin in Kenya was running on AGENT OF CHANGE also,same things that Obama says ,the cousin has also said to the people in Kenya..He was going to bring Shariah Law to the people of Kenya if he had won, but he lost.The declared VOTER FRAUD also, said that the election was stolen from him .They killed people ,Burned children and others ALIVE,just set them on fire.They raided the city and are still doing it.You do some re-Search on Obama cousin for youselfs .His name is Raila Odinga .You can read all about this . I Feel sure,(if Obama wins), Wright will be PLEASED with it all,because Obama knows all about what Wright believes and wants,and preached for years for years.That is why OBAMA says “NOW IT IS OUR TIME” .,if he get the bid,the world will be his to do what they want.There is no telling what all has NOT been told and the people DON’t know of whats really going on, that some Media want talk about because they want Obama to win. Everybody sure better think about all this, before they vote.GG.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Amen GG!

    Now Is Our Time – I don’t think so! Socialists and shiny people to the other side of the bus. Sorry, I am racist. 🙂

  • Obama’s pricy lifestyle (private school for children, $1500 suits, private jet trips to Hawaii,…) combined with his sexism (shameless derailng of Sen.Clinton’s campaign) and racism (planning to bomb a US ally’s villages) all are the give away signs of the brand of his ideology: National Socialism — aka fascism. Let’s get his Kenyan birth certificate and end this lethal corruption.

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