Finally….Someone Calls The MSM Pravda

Greta has it going on!!! Finally, some truth!

And some more interesting thoughts from Karl Rove about medical records, Palin’s experience and accomplishments, and “how Palin has been on the receiving end of brutal coverage and because the elite eastern media does not know what to make of a woman….”. Watch the video and hear the quote.

By Logistics Monster


  • It’s time to stop calling it the MSM and start calling it the PNN; Pampers’ News Networks (note the apostrophe).

  • Diamond Tiger -

    Guess what PUMAs? The Obamanation is swarming and freakin’ out – and you know what that means….their dear messiah is in trouble and they know it. Expect the next wave of name calling and assorted vicious deeds to start hitting the airwaves. They are losing their minds in the spam filter. They KNOW they are going to lose this election because of the power of true patriotic Americans that do not like socialists, communists, and cult leaders and their followers. ByeBye Barack! I will be happy when you can no longer be elected as dog catcher.

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