Day: October 25, 2008

Obama and Foreign Opinions

I want to thank Ms. Mississippi for directing me to this video, but be warned, it goes to places that the Monster has been tracking breadcrumbs.  I will have more information when I can verify my theories.... I am a proud American that believes in free speech, your choice to worship as you wish, and your choice of political views, and I will fight to the death to protect those freedoms for everyone, including people I do not like very much because that is part of what it means to be an American.  I personally do not care whether Barack…
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Obama’s American Socialism: Decades In The Making, Part II

Author's Note: First, a personal thank you to Wilma and you know why!!!  Keep up the great work!  Secondly, there is such a volume of information that no one can actually read and digest all of it in just one day.  Also, the spiderweb of Obama's associations, mentors and funders is not linear; therefore, my condolences for any confusion you may experience while trying to stay with the group.  I had to map this out on a very large whiteboard to keep track myself.   I personally have never seen a candidate with so many anti-American associates protected to valiantly by…
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Barack Obama and “The New Party”

In 1996, during his Illinois Senate run, Barack Obama was a member of The New Party, a group of socialists trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party.  What most people do not know is that the New Party was dissolved.  The remaining fragments moved from Chicago to New York and became.........wait for it............The Working Families by a high up member of ACORN.......and they use the fusion electoral process.  More on that in Part III of Obama's American Socialism....stay tuned. Now......Bonniebbonnets: Whisper
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