Day: October 24, 2008

Americans: Ignore The Polls

To paraphrase Sean Hannity, "let your hearts not be troubled". Does quoting Sean Hannity make me a right wing republican?  Some would say yes, but my readers know better; I am non-partisan and shop for the best candidate when it comes to elections.  I also do my homework; as should we all.  I do not believe that Barack Obama is winning; in fact, I believe he is losing and that is why he is off to Hawaii to cover his bases and Mishy is campaigning instead of being at Grandma's deathbed. Earlier today, I thought it was time to write…
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The Obama Birth Certificate Mystery

A few days ago I ran across a blog posting on Citizen Wells writing about Andy Martin and the question about whether Barack Obama, Sr. was really Bambi's daddy.  I thought this may be another attempt to throw something at the Teflon Candidate in hopes it would stick and was waiting for more evidence that it may be possible that Frank Marshall Davis was Barack's real dad.  I think when a Presidential candidate will not offer up vital records including medical records, birth certificate, etc., there is something incredibly fishy going on and when Andy Martin went to Hawaii, it…
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Socialism: Obama Style

My apologies to my readership for not posting very much these last days; I have been working on Part II and III of Obama's American Socialism: Decades in the Making and trying to keep my meals down after reading all the research.  The hardest part of writing these articles is getting this information out without being accused or sued for inciting riots.  You will see what I mean.... In the meantime, I took some moments off this morning to wander to a couple of my usual watering holes; Pagan Power and The Patriot Room and found a few very interesting…
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