Once again in the last hour of trading the stock market is crashing again and at this moment, it’s at -671. after floating around -400 all day.  WHO IS DRIVING THIS, and are they backing Obama like Bernanke (and probably Paulson too)?  Did anybody notice that every time the market started to stabilize, Bernanke, Paulson or Pelosi would come trotting out and say something that would make it tank again?

There is someone or multiple somebodies behind the drive in the last hour each day pushing the market to collapse and then pushing the American public to panic and vote for Barack Obama’s socialist agenda.

I will start digging….I already have a pretty good idea, but nothing to back it up yet….keep ya posted….

UPDATE:  George Soros may or may not be involved in this, but everybody needs to start thinking bigger and stop looking for the culprits on our shores……

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