Obama’s Tax Plan Made Simple

3 minutes of your time and you will understand:

H/T to Shtuey at Oh…My Valve!

By Logistics Monster


  • This should be a TV ad!! Really, it shows the deceiving little weasel in all his glory!! Speaking of glory….we’re putting on our party hats!

    Celebrating 100,000 Hits with the PUMA Dames at InsightAnalytical! (Featuring Dog Testimonials and Recipes for Disaster/Democracy)


    The dogs give their views again and those recipes will be passed down for generations to come!! LOL!

  • Conservative Republican -

    I love your site! It is very encouraging. I am passing it along to friends. The video shows exactly what Obama wants to do. He is going to inact “change.” It will be the socialization of America. I’m not sure what category I fall into according to Obama’s plan. I do know that I do NOT want to be the spreader or the spreadee of any wealth. My husband started his own company 4 years ago. My father owned his own business. I wonder what will happen to people like me if Obama is elected.

  • Diamond Tiger -

    you are welcome and considering how hard the obots are hammering this “safe harbor” in comments and the hackers trying to bring this site down, I must be hitting a nerve and following the right theories down the rabbit hole.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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