Day: October 19, 2008

Obama’s American Socialism: Decades In The Making

Author's Note: As a preface to this series of articles, major kudos need to be awarded to Ms Placed Democrat, Matthew Weaver, Shtuey, Eastan McNeil, Steve Diamond, Christmas Ghost, RabbleRouser Rev. Amy, and especially John W. for all the research that has gone into these separate pieces of the puzzle.  Please visit their sites and thank them for the hours they toiled increasing everyone's knowledge of the Obamanation. Without the amazing tenacity of these individuals, (and a few unnamed), connecting the dots of the socialist agenda for the "New Democratic Party" would not have been accomplished.  I have tried to…
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Obama September Fundraising…Money For Nothing

For all of you that thought Colin Powell would make the smart choice and endorse McCain/Palin, what were you expecting?  90% of the black community is voting for Barack Obama, I expected Colin Powell to endorse Bambi and wait until the moment when he believed it would help Gumby the most.  Since I am not going to write a post about Colin Powell's endorsement, you might be interested in a video about key black conservative leaders including Dr. Martin Luther King's niece who are endorsing John McCain.  Go here. This post is about Gumby's fundraising for September, $150 Million; yeah,…
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