Another View Of Joe The Plumber and Barack Obama

I want to thank Will Bower of PUMA08 for sending me this video of drinkingwithbob about our new favorite “hero”, Joe the Plumber.  I am pretty damn sure that after watching the video you are going to be thinking Bob needs to be added to Joe the Plumber, Harriet Christian, and Lady Lynn as heroes and heroines of the Constitutional American Dream.

I was warned to turn the sound down and I am issuing the same warning to my readers.  If you are not laughing your butts off by the end of this most perfect rant, then maybe you need another cup of real f*ckin’ coffee (ala Denis Leary).  Bob certainly has had quite enough!

One More Thing….Bob Has Got It Going ON!!!!!!

One More….”Bigger Economic Crisis On The Way”:

I Have To Add Another One:

“Barack Is A Disaster”

By Logistics Monster


  • Right ON BOB!!!!

    We have our new Kennison! I feel like yelling like that ALL THE TIME ANYMORE!!

    THESE freaks in the MEDIA & on TV need to STFU!
    They will single handedly (sp) lose the election for Bambi.

  • ladynite54 -

    Go Bob Go!

    I am with you all the way. Will the O-Bots please wake up before it is too late. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
    Barack Hussein Obama will turn this country into another Cuba, Korea, Venezuela or worse.

    Are you ready to give up your freedom to Obama, because that is what you will be doing, he is already trying to suppress your freedom of speech, your right to bear arms, also whether you can have an abortion. There are a lot of other things I can go into, but you need to do your own research on Obama it will scare the pants off of you.

    Something to make you go hmmmmmmm >>>> Why is Obama an unknown until two years ago able to raise more money than any candidate since the Watergate investigations, where is this money coming from and do not tell me from small donors.

    A lot of this money is coming from the Middle East and Anti-American hating thugs who wants to overthrow our government. Obama has raised more than one billion dollars for this election. Obama is already taking over all the airwaves, the newspapers, and the video games do you want to listen to him 24/7 for the rest of your life.

  • ms mississippi -

    From the mouthes of babes, er, I mean, Bob! Very cathartic! I agree with Bob: “Barack Obama is a disaster. Are you freakin’ kidding me? What’s next? What’s next? What’s next?” (Breathe)

    Right on, Bob!

  • Thanks for the great entertainment. I only wish I had that much energy. If I went on a similar rant I would likely have a stroke.

    Every single word this guy said is the truth. Amazing.

  • obama and the lying dems are already doing the bloodbath that stalin and lenin did in russia when they had the socialist overthrowing of the government. hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed so that lenin could win. but first they took over the media…sound familiar?????

  • This is important, interesting, and frightening:

    I’m strongly pro-choice and fine with Obama’s votes on abortion issues. BUT,what worries me is his involvement over decades with lots of wealthy “fringe” characters — who probably paid for his Harvard degree, etc. — and where his loyalty could be expected to lie.

    How any supporter of Israel could vote for Obama is beyond me!

  • Wow he is mad, good for him getting it all out. I hope many people are mad. Truth is Obama and Biden might not like it, but many of people are running small businesses trimming trees, paving driveways, cleaning carpets, delivery, plumbing, printing, baking pies, etc. Some do well, some do not, all work really hard. They have shops to pay rent on, capital investment to find, workers to pay salaries to, prices to negotiate while maintaining a profit, etc. Obama and Biden may think it is easy, I suggest they try it.
    They say only the best will pay more, what they fail to mention is that the best are the ones who take the biggest risks, have the most responsibilities and yes, work the hardest. Many don’t have time for playing basketball. It may seem like two different stories, but business is supposed to be based on growth, in many small business people nurture the dream to expand and the effort and rewards that that requires should not be stunted by government policies. Hello, they should be encouraged.
    We all care for the poor, what we abhor is politicians who throw our money around without real beneficial results. We also do not particularly like it when they make out like everything is hunky-dory in the security arena when we know it is not. Enough. Just say no deal. Can we have Hillary back now? And please tell me why WE need to explain these things to the guy running for President ?

  • Anther thing, the Democratic Party wants to help us and therefore emphasises this point. I saw a video on you-tube about a woman filming her apartment and the peeling paint. Well since when has the government painted your home. $50 and a days work keeps a home ‘decent’. I will be thrilled if I could depend on the government to address issues such as the rubbish plastic in that area in the Pacific Ocean. Or, to cut spending and be fiscally responsible while still investing in areas for potential growth in areas such as industry, science and engineering. Spending money on public infrustructure is also a good idea, especially when it is needed to function and is falling apart. You know, things I do not have the resources to care for. I want to hear plans for these more than I want tax credits.

  • Archimedes, give me a place to stand... -

    Right freakin on! is now going to be a regular stop on my web surfing schedule.


    That was great Diamond…..
    Now if only more people would wake up.
    I actually had that “friend” I was telling you about call me yesterday to talk, and after about five minutes she launched into her daily KOS, DU talking points crap about Sarah Palin being stupid during the conversation so,natch,I said “Obama is a socialist…don’t you have a problem with that?”
    And she said “no,America should be a socialist country.”
    THAT WAS IT for me…….
    I’m afraid that I went “Bob” on her ass……
    She then asked me if my country meant more to me than our friendship [yeah…DUH] to which I answered with a very brisk YES, and that was the last straw for me,different opinions are one thing…take your socialist crap back to the old country with you. Remember the one your family HAD TO FLEE because of the Soviets?
    “But they were communists not socialists”

  • gawd! I feel soooo much better after some time with Bob!! Finally someone who can voice what Im thinkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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