Time to get moving folks!  Go to Wake Up America and Sign up to fight this socialist that is trying to take over the American Dream and tell you how he is going to spend your money!

Blog the link to this post everywhere you can.  An Obama Regime must be stopped.  I have spent the last 5 days knee deep in research from some of the best PUMAs and NOBAMAs that shows the radical socialist associates and philosophy of this candidate going back at least 23 years.  Look for an upcoming post VERY SOON!

Joe The Plumber has something to say about socialism too!

October 16, 2008:

The Obama campaign continues to press the viability of its vote fraud in Ohio – as they maintain the same pattern for which they became infamous during their primary campaign.

Their formula is simple –
1) Continue to vocalize broad sweeping lies.

2) Continue to run recordbreaking media ad campaigns which do the same.

3) Rush early voters to cast their  ballots in all  eligible states before more people learn the truth about Obama.

4) Perpetuate a massive “bandwagon effect” through skewed poll results to demoralize
and disempower all opposition
of their hostile takeover of our democracy.

5) And finally, respect no vote, no voter, no candidate-since winning is everything and ethics mean nothing.

It’s time for all of us in the Stop Obama movement to take it to the streets!
Join Wake Up America and Our Country Deserves Better

in a historic cross-country Visibility  and Voter Outreach effort.
Sign in now to participate – let’s
tell the American people the truth
and show the media how many of us there really are!

Come to W.A.M. site to find the
Our Country Tour city/state nearest
you – and sign in to Get Involved – for Voter Outreach hand-outs
to pass out at the Rally. You make a difference. Make your voice heard!


By Logistics Monster


  • Its not just the re-distribution of wealth.

    Its changing the very essence of our Government – the Constitution and ‘COMMON LAW’.

    Every person involved in the legal profession and law enforcement recognized Obama’s statement from Debate #3 where he made reference to a woman who had her case dismissed due to the fact she filed past the date of the Statute of Limitations. Obama stated he would make changes to the law based upon circumstances. This is ‘CIVIL LAW’ from European countries such as France.

    Civil law is governing law in Mexico, if that tells you anything about fairness.

    For example, rape cases there are tried where the accuser/victim must confront the accused/perpetrator personally in court and the both of them engage in a shouting match in front of the judge that can go on for many hours. For this reason alone, many rape victims do not report the perpetrator.

    The cases are resolved with the Judge determining who yelled the most convincingly.

    Not what we want here, I can assure you.


  • Bob Harrison -

    Congratulations. That was quite the post! Very informative and very good condensation of many, many different threads of information. I’m sure I’ll end up linking to it later in the day.

    A bit of a side issue: I’m not as concerned about socialists per se as you appear to be. After all, a great many of former socialist positions are firmly lodged in our system: unemployment pay, social security, etc. Even the redistribution of wealth angle has another side– see the French Revolution for an example. However, I do agree with what I think is your basic premise (correct me if I am wrong): a little bit of socialism goes a long ways.

    I am far, far more concerned about the authoritarian/dictatorial nature of the O’Precious than I am about his socialist nature. The Nazis were bad not because of socialism but because of their nationalistic, racist ideology, one which I see creeping, in Nation of Islam fashion, around the edge of M’Obama et.al.

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