Pagan Power is one of the most eloquent and powerful writers I have seen in my recent foray into the blogosphere.  Here a few quotes from the beginning and middle of his latest article and I URGE YOU TO FOLLOW THE LINK AND READ THE WHOLE POST! Obama KNEW that the Secret Service investigated the allegations of Republican’s shouting “kill him” and found no basis for the allegations.  Obama’s Dangerous LIES Divide Us

I’ve got to give a thumbs up and creds to Bob Schieffer for moderating a lively debate. He asked pointed questions eliciting substantive and confrontational responses. At last. But one thing struck me last night that sums up the whole illusion of Obama’s candidacy. These cries of racism and the like are intentional lies perpetrated by the Obama campaign to make it seem as if he is somehow the victim of an outrageous conspiracy to deny the American people the wisdom of his self professed omnipotence. And I can prove it.


Now back to my original point. When it is clear that the “press” is feeding us fabricated lies or withholding important information so as to not damage the efforts of the political candidate they nearly all wholeheartedly (and obvious as hell) support then our freedoms have been abridged. If not entirely removed.

It would seem that a self-professed Constitutional scholar would understand this. But rather than stand up to protect our rights, Obama conspires with the press to keep us uninformed. As someone that has taken an oath of office to support and defend our Constitution I posit that Obama has committed an act of treason by not living up to that oath.

Just Keep Saying NO FREAKIN’ DEAL!!!

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