Day: October 16, 2008

Character and Judgement or Can I Have My ***** Back?

Spineless, absolutely spineless, and definitely not the person I want staring down Putin or any other dictator.  Blinkety, blinkety, blink. Something happened last night that not too many people have picked up on due to all the hullabaloo about Joe the plumber.  Gumby whining again, and this time it is about Fox not being in the tank and his poll numbers reflecting it.  Oh, too freakin' bad junior.  Go back to Chicago.  Never should have gotten down off the porch to play with the big dogs.  Charater and Judgement....BWAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Up until this election cycle I NEVER watched Fox News; never. …
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Obama Is A LIAR! Again….Imagine That?

Pagan Power is one of the most eloquent and powerful writers I have seen in my recent foray into the blogosphere.  Here a few quotes from the beginning and middle of his latest article and I URGE YOU TO FOLLOW THE LINK AND READ THE WHOLE POST! Obama KNEW that the Secret Service investigated the allegations of Republican's shouting "kill him" and found no basis for the allegations.  Obama's Dangerous LIES Divide Us I’ve got to give a thumbs up and creds to Bob Schieffer for moderating a lively debate. He asked pointed questions eliciting substantive and confrontational responses. At…
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Time to get moving folks!  Go to Wake Up America and Sign up to fight this socialist that is trying to take over the American Dream and tell you how he is going to spend your money! Blog the link to this post everywhere you can.  An Obama Regime must be stopped.  I have spent the last 5 days knee deep in research from some of the best PUMAs and NOBAMAs that shows the radical socialist associates and philosophy of this candidate going back at least 23 years.  Look for an upcoming post VERY SOON! Joe The Plumber has something…
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