The Monster’s Debate Reaction

I was not planning on posting anything about this particular debate until I re-heard something that Gumby said, and now feel the need to make a few comments.

  1. Gumby did alot of explaining tonight – on the defensive.  McCain has now set up the talking points for the next two weeks and I believe there will be a gradual evening of this matchup in the polls.
  2. The Polls are rigged – so don’t believe any of them.
  3. The ACORN story now has legs and there are a few other items blowing around that will impact the Obama campaign.
  4. My stripes started rippling and my teeth showing when Barack Obama said that Sarah Palin is a “politician” in such a way that he was almost spitting out the word.  It is the whole concept of not throwing rocks when you live in a glass house and your second in command to watch the house has been in the congress for 36 years.  There is a politician.

That’s all I have to say….

Hele Mai!

By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • The fighter pilot vs. Eddie Haskell—this morning, does anyone remember ANYTHING Obama actually said. He was like a Chatty Barry doll: pull the string and he has 15 recorded messages. (and am I the ONLY person in America who thinks he says uh, er a lot for an “eloquent” guy?). And his smarmy facial expressions while McCain was ripping him a new one (in classic McCain understated style) were not the stuff of a confident icon.

    I can remember at least 15 lines from John McCain–if not verbatim, then PD close.

    “If you wanted to run against Bush, you should have run 4 years ago.”

    “We’re not talking about Warren Buffett, we’re talking about Joe the Plummer.”

    “I want Joe the Plummer to spread around his own wealth not send it to Senator Obama to spread it around for him”

    McCain taking on the race card was brilliant–just by bringing up the most recent outrageous equivalency (McCain and Palin are George Wallace and will kill innocent children in church), I think helped to coelesce in many minds the vicious subtle accusations of racism that Obama and friends throw around like Mardi Gras beads. People KNOW there’s something wrong there, but haven’t quite made the connection between the action and the evil.

    NAFTA on importing oil! Brilliant. Columbia Free Trade Agreement. Brilliant–and I loved his “let me get this straight…you are willing to sit down for a face to face with Ceasar Chavez but reject our strongest ally on the continent?” And “no-brainer” was a good way to describe Obama’s position.

    And his telling folks if you like health care in Canada and the UK, then you’re going to love Obama’s plans.

    THAT’s what McCain had to do for the undecideds. He had to simplify the wonky stuff and clarify just exactly what all those fancy words mean (didn’t you also love his “Senator Obama is eloquent, but let’s listen to his actual words.”) He had memorable punch lines, and I would personally like to shake Joe the Plummer’s hand. He just may have saved the United States of America. I pray so.

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