I was not planning on posting anything about this particular debate until I re-heard something that Gumby said, and now feel the need to make a few comments.

  1. Gumby did alot of explaining tonight – on the defensive.  McCain has now set up the talking points for the next two weeks and I believe there will be a gradual evening of this matchup in the polls.
  2. The Polls are rigged – so don’t believe any of them.
  3. The ACORN story now has legs and there are a few other items blowing around that will impact the Obama campaign.
  4. My stripes started rippling and my teeth showing when Barack Obama said that Sarah Palin is a “politician” in such a way that he was almost spitting out the word.  It is the whole concept of not throwing rocks when you live in a glass house and your second in command to watch the house has been in the congress for 36 years.  There is a politician.

That’s all I have to say….

Hele Mai!

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