Want To See Smooth?

NeverFindOut.org has come out with some absolutely amazing vids.  Want to see smooth?  Want to see real?

Would you agree that these need to be viral?  There are even more at their site.
Nice Try:

Part Of The Problem:

Income Taxes:

Chicken Button:

Not This Time:

Middle Class:




16 thoughts on “Want To See Smooth?”

  1. THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I love it when they say “why are we having to explain this to you- you are the one running for president!” LOVE IT! Well said. I’m sending them out.
    Thank you so much for letting us know they are out there. VIRAL- they must go VIRAL

  2. It’s about time!

    I am sending these out now . . .THANK YOU!

    To quote the Takuan Seiyo:The Real Mark-to-Market

    The ‘08 elections are being contested by a man who is so tainted by anti-American poison that, if elected President, he would not pass a Secret Service background check to be his own bodyguard. But facing him is a Vietnam War hero and a civic coward, who pulls his punches, tiptoes around every truthful thing he might say, surrounds himself with what seem like double-agents who work for the other side, and amply deserves his berth in the Treason Lobby.

  3. Loved them all. They should all go viral. Who is this group who produced them? Will the air time on television? They should…and soon!

  4. Bravo! These are the best political videos I’ve seen.

    They’re spot on! They are quality ads which cut to the chase. If these were shown by the MSM, those on the fence would jump over to McCain’s side. These ads leave Obama defenseless.

    Maybe, McCain could use the videos’ tact in the debate tonight.

  5. Well said and completely factual! If Obama is elected our country is in for a rude awakening. It actually scares me. I’m also angry that there are people voting for Obama simply because he is black. Those people should not be allowed to vote if there was a way to determine that. It sickens me! If I thought he was the absolute best person for this great leadership position I would vote for him too. But he is the WRONG black (or otherwise)candidate! People wake up!!!

  6. The 2 biggest issues facing Americans today…
    Economy – McCain VOTED YES to stop the fannie/freddie runaway train which brought on the housing meltdown and financial crisis. Obama VOTED NO (present)
    War in Iraq – McCain VOTED YES on the surge which has brought victory within sight.
    Obama VOTED NO
    Is there anything else we need to know.

  7. Obama increasing taxes and “spreading te wealth “, for the unproductive people ,whose some will watch T.V. while getting their welfare checks by Obama and while others working hard to make a living and being taxed by Obama, is not only one of the “policies” of Obama that scares me. Obama is a dangerous for our country, our people.

  8. I am not a Republican , Democrat, I am an American.We vow a practical choice for the position of a Coimmender-In-Chief. If we have more to chose from ,it may be a different answer. However, John McCain is for the position hands down. We haven’t lost the battle , yet., but, we are close to surrounding ourselves with something we surely regret.Is there is a text book nation in the world that we want to mirror?

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