Hacking The Monster

One Pissed Off Tiger
One Pissed Off Tiger

There are currently two people that do not believe in free speech continually trying to hack Logistics Monster and bring this site down.  I have been watching you for weeks and will no longer put up with your abuse of internet knowledge.  I have enough courtesy not to out you on the internet, but………

This is fair warning for you folks that if you continue your attacks, I will be taking this matter to the authorities through the proper chain of command.  Understand?  Clear Enough?  Just sayin….

By Logistics Monster


  • Christine Helrigel -

    I am a republican, finding you PUMAs delightful and encouraging, creative, funny, …”Holy BeJesus, Batman!” “Tell Sarah Palin this PUMA’s got her back….” By the way, you said “Mahalo”, and my sister is in HILO, under constant assault from pro Obama friends to vote for the One. My sis loves Sarah Palin…..I sent her this site, are you in the Hawaiian Islands somewhere?


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