John McCain can read, write, and usually votes something other than present. John McCain has actually written, and voted on legislation. John and Hillary are real, actual friends. John McCain respects Hillary Clinton and honors her by adopting her ideas to help the American People. John McCain does not say unpatriotic things like “America will never be as great as it once was”, John MCain knows how many states are in the union, and that the Great Lakes are not in Oregon.  John McCain has served his country honorably and is a true hero. John McCain does not associate with questionable folks and does not go to a racist church. John McCain is not a juvenile that flips off his opponent just to make the young crowd happy. John McCain calms the people that are frightened of an Obama Regime and leads with respect for his opponent. John McCain knows the difference between Georgia and Ukraine.  John McCain and Sarah Palin believe in Liberty, Tolerance and Opportunity!

Barack…..not so much!

This is your life Barack!

Thanks to Race For The Truth.

Who Are You Voting For?


Why are we still having this conversation?

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