Day: October 10, 2008

This Is Your Life, Barack Obama!

*** John McCain can read, write, and usually votes something other than present. John McCain has actually written, and voted on legislation. John and Hillary are real, actual friends. John McCain respects Hillary Clinton and honors her by adopting her ideas to help the American People. John McCain does not say unpatriotic things like "America will never be as great as it once was", John MCain knows how many states are in the union, and that the Great Lakes are not in Oregon.  John McCain has served his country honorably and is a true hero. John McCain does not associate…
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401K Plan: McCain Has It Going On…

Last week John McCain came out with the idea to buy up bad mortgages, allow homeowners to get affordable mortgages, and keep homeowners in their homes.  The American public is responding favorably to this idea, go here.  Now John McCain is coming up with another good idea about reforming 401K rules so that seniors do not end up losing what little money they have left after the toilet flushing traders did this week on our financial markets. According to The Washington Post, The Trail: McCain Seeks Reform of 401(k) Rules LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Seeking new ways to respond to…
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Americans Like McCain’s Mortgage Plan

So Barack Obama has decided that he does not like John McCain's plan to buy mortgages and help homeowners stay in their homes.  Guess what?  Americans like it.  According to Rasmussen Reports: 52% Favor McCain’s Mortgage Bailout Plan A majority of voters (52%) favor John McCain’s plan for the federal government to buy up distressed mortgages and refinance them so homeowners can stay in their homes, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Thirty-five percent (35%) oppose the plan. Democrats like McCain’s plan more than Republicans, even though Barack Obama opposes it. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democratic voters…
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ACORN, Obama and The Democrats

John McCain is not involved with ACORN. Sarah Palin is not involved with ACORN. John McCain did not give money to ACORN. Sarah Palin did not give money to ACORN. I am thinking there is more integrity in these two mavericks than the country thought. Want to see who did get involved and gave money to the frauds? Barack Obama is unfit to lead. Why are we still having this conversation? UPDATE: New McCain Ad:
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