I actually had the good fortune of watching this event happen live on Fox and applauded this pissed off American for speaking his mind!  Americans have been fed up with Barack Obama, his questionable associations, his lack of ability to vote yes or no, and his marketed image for a very, very, very long time, but you would never know it by all the MSM coverage of Obama and his sycophants.  We are bombarded with Obama’s opinion of what McCain (and therefore, us) are saying….it’s a distraction because McCain is desperate.  I do not think PUMAs are desperate; we just continue to be blown away by the audacity of Obama & Crew and the MSM.  Has the MSM forgotten they are going to have to live here too under an Obama/Socialist/????  regime?

Finally, a news organization has caught an American standing up and saying what we all feel. Thank You unnamed Wisconsin Voter for speaking your mind and telling McCain and Palin that we are tired of the Dems in Congress, their liberal left agenda, ACORN’s voter fraud, and Obama’s poor judgement.  Does anybody think this is the male version of Harriet Christian?

Fox is reporting that Republican voters are becoming more and more negative and are starting to shout “Traitor” and “Terrorist” about Obama while at McCain rallies.  I think Fox has forgotten the 18 million Hillary voters that believed that at the beginning of the year and have not been receiving any coverage lately.  We’ve just added numerous Democrats in Congress to the traitor list.

The good news according to a friend of mine, “There are too many of us to take us out now”.  I have to agree and watching what is happening, John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to take this election.  Americans are paying attention and guess what, they are calling their families, friends, and neighbors and comparing notes.

Hey Barack, is there some other form of election fixing that we have not yet discovered allowing you your assurance about this election?

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