Obama Ayers Connection Really Started With Michelle Obama

I know that my readers are very savvy, independent thinkers, and that most of you realize that the true participant in the race for the White House is Michelle Obama. You probably believe, as I do, that she is far more dangerous than Barack, and is the driving force behind trading up to the White House.  How many of you agree that Michelle has been planning for this day since she and Barack hooked up, and that every move that has been made was a calculated manuever to reach this point?  How many would agree that Michelle completely believes Black Liberation Theology and is the reason that Reverend Wright and The Trinity United Church were such a big part of their lives and the reason they stayed in that church for over 20 years?  Does anyone believe that Barack Obama does anything that is not approved by Michelle Obama?  If any of my readers can find video of Michelle Obama during Hillary Clinton’s convention speech, please leave a comment.  Michelle Obama cannot hide her feelings about any given subject and telegraphs what she thinks and feels all over her face.  Her reactions during Hillary’s speech have been the most telling.  This is probably the reason we have not seen much of her in the last few months.  But back to the matter at hand….

Will it surprise you to know that she and Bernadette Dohrn were co-workers at the same law firm that Barack eventually joined, and at which Michelle became Barack’s mentor?  Watch the video and make up your own minds.

Greta had an interview with John Murtagh back in May and I, for one, am very glad that this relationship story is finally getting some traction. Mr. Murtagh brings up an interesting point at the end of the video when he speaks about the Atlanta Olympics bomber being in jail and William Ayers walking around free as a bird.

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond…when was this pic taken?
    Do you notice Gumby’s favorite toady in the lower right?
    And ,yes, Michelle Obama is chilling…I mean an absolutely chillingly calculating racist right down to the bone.
    Have you heard their little latest talking points today?
    Talking about Gumby’s creepy connections is “dangerous” and people at the McCain/Palen rallies are yelling “kill him”.
    Funny, I can’t seem to find any proof of that….especially any proof that it is actually someone there FOR McCain/Palen and not just one of Gumby’s Brownshirts.
    It’s all becoming so reminiscent of the college professor who planted the noose by her door in a classic “look over there I’m-really-a-victim” moment to try and keep people from firing her? Remember that one?
    Little Barry has been playing the class warfare and race cards so often these days I expect Milton/Bradley to come out with an Obama version of a new card game…..

  • Sarah Winston -

    This is totally ridiculous! You’re grasping for straws. Can’t you come with something better than this?

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