Day: October 9, 2008

World Markets: Why Is The Pressure Building?

Ok, I'm going to admit that I am way more than a bit puzzled by something.  I have been watching the implosion of the housing market and credit crunch for 2 years now.  I have been paying attention to how our market has been sickly since last December due to falling home prices and foreclosures rising.  I have been watching and writing post after post about the impending financial meltdown with the wolf outside the door and then inside the living room eating Spot. I was astounded when the corrupt DNC installed Obama instead of Hillary because she definitely had…
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One Pissed Off Wisconsin Voter: Sit Down, I’m Not Finished!

I actually had the good fortune of watching this event happen live on Fox and applauded this pissed off American for speaking his mind!  Americans have been fed up with Barack Obama, his questionable associations, his lack of ability to vote yes or no, and his marketed image for a very, very, very long time, but you would never know it by all the MSM coverage of Obama and his sycophants.  We are bombarded with Obama's opinion of what McCain (and therefore, us) are's a distraction because McCain is desperate.  I do not think PUMAs are desperate; we just…
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Obama Ayers Connection Really Started With Michelle Obama

I know that my readers are very savvy, independent thinkers, and that most of you realize that the true participant in the race for the White House is Michelle Obama. You probably believe, as I do, that she is far more dangerous than Barack, and is the driving force behind trading up to the White House.  How many of you agree that Michelle has been planning for this day since she and Barack hooked up, and that every move that has been made was a calculated manuever to reach this point?  How many would agree that Michelle completely believes Black…
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