Sarah Palin: Excellent Manners Under Pressure

Today at a rally in Florida, Sarah Palin was confronted by a protester with bad manners, and said what most of us would have liked to say if interrupted during a speech we were giving.  Class, good manners, intelligence, and a fearlessness when defending the American people.

Why are we even asking whether or not she should be VP?

By Logistics Monster

One Comment

  • Cathy Pittman -

    Sarah Palin has won my respect, and she has won my vote. The more Obama and the media try to tear her down, the more I admire her. This woman has more character and integrity in her little finger than Barack Obama has in his whole campaign. I don’t have to agree with everything that she says to realize that she would be an excellent role model and an inspiration to my three nieces. She says what she believes, and she practices what she preaches. Run Sarah, run!

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