As I cruised around the web today, I noticed there wasn’t as much 4th of July coverage as I would have expected. Do the news outlets think that we don’t care or wouldn’t notice our Independence Day this year. Maybe they thought we were too worried about the price of gas, food, and the war in Iraq to notice that we made it through another year of the great democratic experiment. Maybe they did not want to remind us that we live in a great democracy where free speech and the right to protest is still protected? Fortunately, for us free thinkers in the rest of the country outside the Washington Beltway and Big Corporate America, WE do know that we live in one of the greatest countries in the world, WE are proud of being Americans (every single day), WE have read and understand our Constitution, and WE are currently tending to and protecting our great democracy on many different levels with numerous raised voices. Our democracy is vital and strong and will continue to be so because of We The People.

I would like to personally thank the DNC and the RBC for igniting a firestorm of patriotic spirit and raising it to new levels. Since May 31st, I am hearing more and more people use the military oath phrase, “…that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”. Hey Howie, Nancy, Harry, Barry, and Donna; do you think you may have stepped in a big pile of guano with that closed door meeting and secret vote at the RBC meeting?

To our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the world; kudos for stepping up and putting your lives on the line every moment for the rest of us. That is true patriotism that should not be overshadowed by any other news story on this day.

Ladies and Gentlemen; please rise for the National Anthem…..


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