Anonymous Issues A Call To Arms (And What We Really Should Be Doing First)

(Editor’s Note: I do not agree with issuing a call to arms as of yet. What I believe our next step in the fight to return our country to Constitutional sanity follows the fold.)

Anonymous has issued a call to arms to overthrow the current American government that has usurped our Constitutional rights and turned our country into a debtor nation thru a privately owned central bank, and a police state through alphabet agencies and executive orders.

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‘Anonymous’ To Erase NYSE From Internet (UPDATED)

(UPDATE, 10.4.2011: Anonymous cries foul?  In this writer’s humble opinion, the NYSE is going to be erased sooner or later when it is no longer cost effective for TPTB to use as a means to drain America’s wealth.)

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Goes National And International

The two week old liberal based movement to occupy Wall Street and protest the greed and corruption of the international bankers and their political puppets is now spreading all across the United States and internationally.  At last count there were 115 American cities participating, and numerous cities across the world in countries including Japan, Australia, Canada, France, and England.  You may not espouse all of the tenets of these particular protestors, but they are doing more to stop the looting and start the prosecuting of the Too Big To Fail banks than the middle and conservative factions of this country that still have money in the TBTF banks and their stocks.  Time to pony up folks and put your money where your mouth is.  If you want to cut the head off the beast, the central banking system that created the reason for the IRS needs to be disbanded.

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