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The AIG Saga Continues: Treasury Hides $40 Billion Loss? (UPDATED Video)

Tweet Watch the latest video at Neil Barofsky isn’t making any friends over at Treasury right now, considering he is slamming their changing methodology (without telling the American public) that make the losses at AIG looks significantly less than what they were 6 months ago. Is anybody surprised?  No; didn’t think so. I know… Continue Reading

Ron Paul: “Government Destroys Wealth”

Tweet Ron Paul’s weekly radio address about the government’s destruction of wealth through Fed inflated bubbles, and war.  (Full transcript follows). As the current economic downturn shows no signs of lifting, we hear quite a lot of rhetoric from current and potential officeholders about what government can and will do to create more jobs. This… Continue Reading

Reserved Seating For DHS And Their Database

Tweet Considering how much time DHS spends on this site, I felt they should have their own ‘way-too-opulent’, overstuffed, armchair to be totally comfy while they track what they consider to be an ‘American Domestic Terrorist‘ – namely the tigger. Today, they stopped by to look at this article from Sept. 14, 2010: Homeland Security… Continue Reading

Obama and The Federal Reserve’s Hidden Taxes

Tweet G. Edward Griffin is a national treasure… People think that the Federal Reserve System was created by the government as a means of controlling and regulating the banks, but in reality, the Federal Reserve System was created by the banks as a means of controlling and regulating the government and that’s the reality of… Continue Reading

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