The Planned Collapse Of The Economy

The Planned Collapse Of The Economy

Catherine Austin Fitts on Alex Jones, 6.2.2011, talking about the planned collapse of our economy by the globalists’ ‘looting’ of outsiders’ funds (the average American) toward the insiders’ pockets, and how the retirees (along with everybody else) are about to get hammered financially.  If you have not yet listened to Catherine, pull up a chair and check out the related links at the bottom of this post.

3 Responses to The Planned Collapse Of The Economy

  1. Oh good. I can watch it later. I see the alive products here. They are really good people. Buy some.

  2. moo..moo.. the sun sets on the last Americans ,as our civil rights have been usurped ,and we die a defeated people?YOU will have to raise up!
    or……. we be cows in decline.

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