Bob Chapman, 2.18.2011; Gold, Silver, And China

Alex Jones has his regular hour long interview with Bob Chapman starting with the government of China making deals with the SEC through the feds to control mergers and movement of paper; yowza!

Did you folks start buying silver two years ago when the Monster told you to? It’s up to $32 an ounce now.

Bob Chapman’s Friday Report 2/18/11: The Second Wind for Gold & Silver – Alex Jones Tv 1/2

Bob Chapman’s Friday Report 2/18/11: The Second Wind for Gold & Silver – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

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One Response to Bob Chapman, 2.18.2011; Gold, Silver, And China

  1. Practical Madman says:

    One must be wary of buying silver or gold in any form. There have been reports of Russian gold coins that rust (gold does not rust) and silver coins from China that are silver plated steel. The stories of tungsten bars that are gold plated are everywhere and one must wonder, is there ANYTHING that theses evil clowns have not ruined? Just go to youtube and search “fake silver” and you will find videos of silver bars that when hit with a grinder, reveal steel cores. Personally I invest in semi-precious metals….lead, brass, and copper……

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