Tackling Unfunded Pensions; Raising Taxes And Watching The Economy Shrink

Recently, we have been talking about the impending tsunami of unfunded pension liabilities across the country (some $3 Trillion) as states, cities and municipalities come face to face with the debt that has been created by very generous pension plans for government workers.

Last Thursday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the bi-partisan pension reform bill into law which requires cities to pony up more cash for law enforcement and firefighters pensions, which critics such as Chicago’s Mayor Daley believe will raise property taxes; in some cases as much as 60%.  Whether through property taxes or another venue, the government is going to get your cash and we will be able to sit and watch the economy as it shrinks yet again.  How’s your food storage comin’ along?

Happy Freakin’ New Year Illinois!  (Everybody else…coming soon to a city near you…)

BTW, Pat Quinn loves the DREAM Act.

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  1. californiapatriot says:

    In the end, all the slashing and reducing will do nothing. We are in a financial collapse. The USA is $14 trillion dollars in the hole. The world has a debt of $1.5 quadrillion dollars (part of which is our debt). So you see, we are spiraling downward. The only way to survive is to declare bankruptcy reorganization which this fascist government will not do, because the goal is to collapse our economy and make us a third world nation and part of a one world government.

    We are ALL living on borrowed time. Enjoy your jobs, pensions, and social security as long as possible.

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