Gerald Celente, 12.29.2010; The Fed’s $20 Trillion Bailout/Payoff

(Editor’s Note:  For those looking for a ‘Happy New Year’ from the Monster; dream on…it’s just another day in the campaign against the Wall Street banks, DHS, the Federal Reserve, colluding large corporations (Wal-Mart) and the bloated federal government.)

Gerald Celente being interviewed on KFI AM 640 with John and Ken about the $20 Trillion that the Fed has used to bailout and payoff banks all over the world, hedge funds, and large corporations. The story starts at the five minute mark in part 1.  Gerald continues with the financial abyss that has turned the entire world into a deer in the headlights and gives his trend predictions for 2011 in part 2.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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6 Responses to Gerald Celente, 12.29.2010; The Fed’s $20 Trillion Bailout/Payoff

  1. californiapatriot says:

    I just love Celente; he’s got guts.

    I wonder what kind of energy breakthrough he’s talking about.


  2. ono says:

    I love you “editors note”. My sentiments.

  3. ono says:

    I just noticed John Bolton vid on the Start Treaty up on the left side. I saw this vid a half hour ago in my search. I swear everything that I’m thinking of is here when I get here. Weird.

  4. […] Gerald Celente, 12.29.2010; The Fed’s $20 Trillion Bailout/Payoff (Hat Tip: Brian B.) Share and Enjoy: […]

  5. […] Gerald Celente, 12.29.2010; The Fed’s $20 Trillion Bailout/Payoff (Hat Tip: Brian B.) […]

  6. Steve says:

    I’ve looked all over the internet…ok I spent 5 minutes on google and bing, but I can’t find a coherent source for the 20 trillion.

    Has anybody put together a well sourced article or website to show the 20 trillion?

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