“Children Are To Become The Objects Of Experimentation”

Monster readers; you are going to love this vid, (not really, so grab whatever you need to ‘enhance your calm’ before watching THE ENTIRE VIDEO! Then pass it on.).

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

By Neal Fox – WireDuck.com

This video was originally created to be part of an art exhibit for Exposed the Art Project http://www.exposedtheartproject.org , a multimedia collaboration raising awareness of social issues. The group decided that the message in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America shouldn’t be put on hold. So here it is. The other artists of Exposed the Art Project are: painters Barry Gross and Viktor Safonkin, and photographers Adela Holmes and Presscott McDonald. We picked four themes for our premier—Social Commentary, Spirituality, Metamorphosis and Time and Chance. This is my contribution for Social Commentary.

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6 Responses to “Children Are To Become The Objects Of Experimentation”

  1. californiapatriot says:

    It’s time for Rockefeller to retire. He’s such a hideous creature.

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  3. John5319 says:

    Wake up & stand as united Americans….. please read the PDF of “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen 1971. It outlines our national problems and how the cabal of world thieves has manipulated, deceived, and controlled the citizens by way of the Federal Reserve founders and political class. We are seeing the EVIL empire-like actions of the Satanic mind.

  4. ono says:

    This is sickening. If you couldn’t spell, read or do math while in catholic school you’d get your knuckles slapped and you were kept back a grade-you’d get an F and wouldn’t be allowed to pass to the next grade. You’d get frowned upon especially during teacher/parent night. It’s time to keep these kids out of public school and send them to private school or home schooling.
    OT/ Cancer causing chromium in the nations tap water. (Is it from the chem trails is my question)

  5. Michael Kent says:

    As a 50+ year old returning college student, I can attest to the validity of this dumbing down and over-medication. I spoke to a candidate for the Provost position here and told him that fully one third of the students can not read and write at 1975 9th grade level.

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