(For those that need to catch up on the entire Juan Williams/NPR fiasco, hit the link: Juan Williams: Chilling Free Speech In America.)

Bill O’Reilly, in his talking points memo, blasts taxpayer funded NPR for the firing of Juan Williams stating that Mr. Williams was fired because of his association with FoxNews, that former NY Times employee and NPR CEO, Vivian Schiller should be fired for incompetence, that Sen. Jim Demint will be introducing legislation to defund NPR, and that George Soros has infused millions in cash to Media Matter and NPR (to hire political journalists) to attack FoxNews.  Mr. O’Reilly believes that NPR will ‘rue the day’ they decided to impose rules on free speech, and that NPR has ‘devolved into a totalitarian outfit functioning as an arm of the far left.‘  (Wow, Bill, you just figured that out?  Actions speak louder than words, and yes, us little people have to slap you silly sometimes; we’ve known for over two years now.)

I personally believe that now that the progressives have the prize in their sights, they are going to go whole-hog to achieves their ends. I say, “Bring It” because FoxNews is NOT the only alternative news platform and ‘net neutrality’ does not scare us.

(And for those that are interested in the double standard, check out this Weekly Standard piece: Bill Moyers, Still Working For PBS, Even After Comparing GOP to Taliban.)

5 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Blasts NPR Over Williams Firing, 10.21.2010”

  1. O’Reilly is smart enough to have figured out if this could happen to Juan Williams and he knows what is going on with Glenn Beck, that it is just a matter of time before he is gone after with greater intensity.

    I caught a bit of Hannity last night and Bob Beckel, who is usually way out there admitted that he has the same feelings as Juan when boarding a plane so you know if a few are talking about it many more are feeling the same way. But these same people have brought the politically INcorrect climate to this county and now they are afraid of what they are seeing and speaking out. Unfortunately know they are no longer useful to the side they where loyal to and Juan has met that famous bus.

    It is about time that O’Reilly saw this for what it is but I would bet that somehow he will make this about him, how he spoke out for the folks, blah blah blah. Too bad he did not listen to the folks a couple of years ago, with his platform what kind of difference could it had made.

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  4. Bill O’Reilly and Juan Williams on the same set usually means the camera crew has to wear Scott packs since all the oxygen (and intelligence) gets sucked out of the room.

    It’s good to see Bill is finally caught up to January 2008. Maybe by 2012’s election he’ll have figured out what we know now. Nah. Let’s not expect too much from him.

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