Ron Paul At Virginia Tea Party (Full Speech, 10.11.2010)

(Listen up folks; there may not be much more time left.  The ‘managed decline’ this administration, Treasury and Fed have been steering looks to have some outside influences.)

Monster readers know that I have been concerned about the collapse of the dollar for some months now. According to Mr. Denninger over at Market-Ticker, “We Got Problems“. I heartily suggest you check out his article about the movement of the dollar and then come on back to hear what Dr. Ron Paul had to say about the very same subject to the Virginia Tea Party this past Monday.

9 Responses to Ron Paul At Virginia Tea Party (Full Speech, 10.11.2010)

  1. It only takes a “spark” to start a fire going. Ron Paul, and each person who loves freedom must be that spark.

  2. Dadgum, this guy is GOOD! He is a tremendous patriot, there is a place in high elected office for this man. I wish we could place him high.

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