Big Green = Global Governance

PJTV has put out the first of a series of ‘global governance’ reports starting with the environmentalists.  The fastest growing and most expansive area of government regulation in the last thirty years is, you guessed it, the environment.

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Agenda 21

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  1. MadHatter says:

    we could end all of this, Get the UN out, we don’t need them, they need us, the Global elite need them to do their bidding and run their errands, not us. They want to take control of our water among other things. Get them out and we save 7% of our gross nantional income, thats what they get from us a year believe it or not. Thanks to them we are paying for more Global groups that most Americans never even heard of, who is SAID, Who is OAS, Organization of Americanm States, who is Council for excellence in Government? I could go on and on, we pay into all of these groups. Where does the UN’s Humanitarian efforts come in, what have they ever done for us except take take take.? No one is going to make me live like this/above in my own country, this is not their country, its ours. I didn’t vote for any of them , do you even know who they are? They are 85% Muslim so no need to wonder why every muslim in the middle east is being spread around the Globe taking over and will no doubt protect the Government from us in the end. I can’t imagine why we are putting up with this, I think we ought to get rid of them and then start deporting and shutting down anyone who threatens this countrys way of life, including the Council on Foreign Relations, it all has to go, pay off china and take our industry back, maybe then we can get a decent pair of shoes in this country again. Nothing these people are doing is good for America. Let the all go to China and the middle East where their money is and stay there.

  2. DiamondTiger says:

    Big Green = Global Governance via Logistics Monster – PJTV has put out the first of a series of 'global …

  3. RT @LogisticMonster: Big Green = Global Governance #Environmentalists #Global Governance #United Nations

  4. Big Green = Global Governance | Logistics Monster: PJTV has put out the first of a series of 'global governance' r…

  5. red lemur says:


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