Glenn Beck, 9.14.2010: “Nudge”, Progressives, & Cass Sunstein

Sep 14, 2010 by

(Editor’s Note: Beck hit a nerve today – check out the link at the bottom of this post.)

Hey Moos, listen up:

Once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them. – Progressive Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein (husband of Samantha Power; yes, that chick.)

Glenn is having a James Burke moment today as he sketches out the time line and events between “Fries” and “Riots”. He highlights news of the days including Mishy’s “nudging” of menus in a speech to the National Restaurant Association, the new anti-beef/McDonald’s commercial, the FDA coming after over-the-counter cold medicine, and how Cass Sunstein’s 2008 book, “Nudge” is being used as a game plan to drive the herd. Today, has a three part story about our favorite fascist, (right behind Nancy Pelosi), Cass Sunstein. He also covers Sunstein’s co-author, Richard Thayler and his connection to British PM Cameron.  (Check out the related links after the post.)

The Monster has had numerous interesting visitors today including the Soros Fund Mgmt, the FBI and these guys. I know they only stay for a short time, but damn, somebody is uncomfortable.  Progressives; enjoy your time at the trough because it is coming to an end.  The Moos are Awake…

Making as many trips to the District of Criminals as required...


  1. red lemur

    well…… all I can muster is a hearty,

    f**k moooo!!!!!, washington!

  2. Glenn Beck, 9.14.2010: “Nudge”, Progressives, & Cass Sunstein via Logistics Monster – Hey Moos, listen …

  3. @moposc, Glenn is rattling cages inside the beltway with Cass and Homer Simpson information:

  4. yo!

    "a lot that can be done to manipulate them" – suggest you watch these, they are REALLY GOOD. I promise, know the truth.

  5. Glenn Beck, 9.14.2010: “Nudge”, Progressives, & Cass Sunstein …: In fact, it is easy to control a populace, once…

  6. Glenn Beck, 9.14.2010: “Nudge”, Progressives, & Cass Sunstein | Logistics Monster: via @addthis

  7. Tom

    Get in line folks. Glenn’s calling the sheep to come home. What are you wingnuts afraid of.

  8. Brenda

    Aw, poor Tom. He never saw it coming.


  1. Gina Hamilton - Remember this Sunstein comment! WHAT? #tlot
  2. DEBRAH - RT @4freedomgirl: Remember this Sunstein comment! WHAT? #tlot

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