Glenn Beck, 6.17.2010: Obama’s War Speech

Glenn has a completely different perspective on Barack’s speech about the oil leak, and with the information that follows of how the liberal media hit a hysterical moment after the speech, Glenn is probably right.  He explains that the language used was based on Woodrow Wilson and FDR (both progressive democrats), and that the language itself is ‘war language’.  He also shows the discrepancy between this speech being given from the Oval Office (traditionally used for announcements of war, disaster, and major economic news) and the speech about the stimulus where America ‘may not recover’ if it wasn’t passed.

So the complete and total collapse of America doesn’t warrant a speech from the oval office, but an oil spill that the president has waited months to address, and golfed 6 times, went to a Paul McCartney concert in the meantime, suddenly does warrant the oval office and him declaring war.

Glenn also figures out that George Bush really is a ‘right’ progressive with the passage of the Patriot Act which did nothing to secure the borders, but only makes one slight mistake, IMHO; he believes that progressives on the left want to have a global government with the UN in charge, and that the progressives on the right want to rule the world with the US as the leader. The progressives on the right want to rule the world with Britain/America in charge.

When the entire show becomes available, I will post the rest and put in necessary comments as Glenn does make the connection between George Soros, Petrobras, Center for American Progress and Obama’s agenda in the gulf.

Part 2, the war continued:

Part 3, Energy reform and Spain’s media warning against a green reform.  The gulf oil leak is an emergency and can force through cap and trade even though there is no political will to pass it.  This particular segment is all about the CAP (funded by George Soros) advising the pResident who invested in Petrobras in 2008.  The drilling ban in the gulf will force the rigs to go to Brazil where they can use the $2 Billion Obama loaned to them to drill deep water wells that ARE DEEPER THAN DEEPWATER HORIZON.  Check out the link above part 1 for the story of George and Petrobras.  Glenn also covers the bizarre patent that Fannie Mae bought that allows for an outside agency to come into your home and block your electrical outlets in order “to keep unauthorized individuals from plugging in vacuums or other household appliances that are on a computer network power supply.”  Wait until you see this Big Brother invention and why would a mortgage insurer have this patent?

Part 4, the continuation of the bizarre Fannie patent:

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