Obama In Quincy Calls Out SWAT

Dangerous Tea Party Patriots (H/T Big Government)

pResident Dingbat was in Quincy, IL today on his jobless tour with, more than likely, another fake audience. The Quincy Tea Party showed up to let him know what they think and Bambi decided to call the goons out on them because of the possibility of violence (ya know, being tea party patriots, racist, over 65, and breathing). If you don’t think you live in a police state right now, you better wise up quick.  This level of paramilitary presence has been around for years, there just hasn’t been a reason to see it until now.

(H/T BB for the vid)

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  1. Obama In Quincy Calls Out SWAT | Logistics Monster http://bit.ly/dzkPIZ These guys are outfitted. I bet they're lugging around 80lbs

  2. James Wilson says:

    RT @charliemax: Obama In Quincy Calls Out SWAT | Logistics Monster http://bit.ly/dzkPIZ They're prepared 2 beat up old folks.#glennbeck

  3. Ken in IL says:

    BHO sure takes every chance to glad hand the common folk – NOT !!!

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