Sen. Ted Kaufman Thinks You Are Uninformed

Are you ready to be insulted again? (2:40)

Not only do these newscasters slam Sarah Palin for the palm scribbles, but Ted Kaufman believes that Palin supporters aren’t really following what is happening in America.

“I think most of them don’t follow what’s really happening, but they’re upset, they’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, and Sarah Palin’s one that appeals to them.”

Even better:

You know we are in a society now,…you can get a small niche market, and you can be very, very, very, powerful in that small niche market, but it’s very different moving from a small niche market to actually being president.

Obama had 143 days as a United States Senator before he started campaigning for president…just sayin’

9 thoughts on “Sen. Ted Kaufman Thinks You Are Uninformed”

  1. OT–John Murtha died yesterday. Now we’ll see who fills his seat in the House. Quite a shock. He was in a hospital in DC in intensive care but I son’t know what the cause of death was.

  2. Oh, quite the contrary Sen Kaufman, it is because we are well informed that we are mad as hell. Keep hurling the insults that will calm us down.

  3. A “small niche market” like, say, Delaware?

    If you’re from Delaware and watched that clip and don’t have a burning desire to send this babbling jackass packing, you deserve what you’ve got.

  4. Hey Teddy, WE”RE more informed than you, because jackasses like you don’t get it and never will! Well here’s some information for you, you and your fellow “idiots” are targeted as “Domestic terrorsits”, and “WE THE PEOPLE” will send you packing, so you may as well apply for unemployment bennies now!

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