Glenn Beck, 1.18.2010; “Stupids Have Intellectuals Surrounded”

Glenn covers numerous topics starting with “progressives stealing the election” in regards to the special election for Dead Kennedy’s seat in MA.  Check out the related links below the video.  (And yes, it sucks to be Martha Coakley today.)  I think we should all send Chris Matthews a thank you card for being so open about being a Saul Alinsky acolyte and helping to wake up America.

Part 2, Ed Schultz and Democratic Secretaries of State (George Soros SOS Project):

Part 3, Haiti:

Part 4, Glenn’s anniversary of debuting on FoxNews and “Everybody on the right is dumb”:

Part 5, Thomas Sowell Interview:

Part 6, Thomas Sowell Conclusion:

Part 7, “Live Free Or Die” Special on Friday:

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4 Responses to Glenn Beck, 1.18.2010; “Stupids Have Intellectuals Surrounded”

  1. Palin Twibe says:

    via @LogisticMonster Glenn Beck, 1.18.2010; “Stupids Have Intellectuals Surrounded” #palin #tcot

  2. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    This is all such a nightmare. Is it time for the military to take them out in handcuffs yet? Please wake me up and tell me none of this has happened.

    • You must be able to see the silver lining in the dems biting off more than they could chew? It’s all going to happen and you will see the people holding the republicans’ feet to the fire too. A true American Renaissance.

  3. Kathy says:

    Does anyone remember the night time soap Dallas? One whole season came to end with a dream segment , nothing that happen all season was real, that is what I have felt for the past year. I hope we all wake up on Wednesday with Brown and maybe the start to the end of this year long nightmare.

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