Senate Republicans, The CMS Report, And 23.1 Million Still Uninsured

Dec 11, 2009 by

The report that Senate Republicans are speaking about that shows that 23.1 million will still be uninsured and $180 Billion in penalties for those that remain uninsured for the 2010-2019 time span is here. It’s not hard to read, so take some time and peruse it for the rest of the goodies inside – and remember – this is much like a burial plot – pay now, use later in 2014 (maybe).



  1. Marty Smith - #WI Gov Feingold & Kohl info #hcr
  2. Marty Smith - #MN Gov Sens Franken Klobuchar info
  3. Marty Smith - #IL Gov Sens Burris Durbin info #hcr
  4. Marty Smith - #MO Gov Bond & McCaskill info #hcr
  5. Marty Smith - #hcr Gov Burris Durbin info #IL

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